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  • Chairman of AKKA
  • Vice-President of IKO-Matsushima.
  • International Liaison of IKO-Matsushima.
Years Achievements
1963: Commenced training
1966: Graded shodan
1967: Team member of the Australia verses New Zealand Team Kyokushin Championships. Winner – Australia
1969: Graded nidan
1970/71: Trained at Honbu for one year.
1971: Graded Sandan
1971: Elected Chairman of the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association in 1971 and still hold this position.
1974: Graded Yondan
1975: Founder member of the Federation of Australian
Karate-Do (FAKO), now known as the Australian Karate Federation, a government sponsored group. elected President of the NSW Branch in 1975.
1977: Organised the first Australian Full-Contact Karate Championships, held at the Sydney Town Hall on 20th
1978: Graded Godan
1981: Appointed Chairman of the South Pacific Kyokushin Karate Organisation, a position still held.
1982: Graded Rokudan
1986: Graded Shichidan 1988 Organised the first Commonwealth Kyokushin Karate Championships in 1988 with 15 Commonwealth countries participating, as part of the Australian bicentennial celebrations.
1995: Became the “Martial Arts” columnist for the Eastern Suburbs Newspapers
1997: Organised the formation of the International Ring- Karate Association and became the International President. On the 17th November was elected as the Vice President of the International Karate Organisation Kyokushin Kaikan in charge of all areas outside Japan. The President is 8th Dan Shihan Matsushima.
1999: Graded Kudan
2000: Awarded the “2000 Australian Sport Medal” for Sporting Achievement.
2004: Nominated for Australian of the Year

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