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News Title : 2015 Australian Womens' Team - European Championships
News Date : 2015-09-20
News Summary : Last weekend at the Sydney University Aquatic Centre, the Australian Open Karate Championship attracted 397 fighters, an Australian record. The attraction was that for the first time Australia was sending fully sponsored team to the 2015 European Championships in Sweden. Making the team was one of the great attractions and subsequently the record breaking number of fighters.

The Bondi Junction Kyokushin karate school's Chief Instructor 9th Dan John Taylor, felt that, with so many talented fighters in the his school, they had a great chance to gain some spots on the team and put in very strong female team including the current World Champion Ysobel Jarjoura.

With such a prize available the fighting very intense in all divisions. It was nail biting stuff when it came down to the last two fighters in each division with Bondi Junction School having a fighter in each female final.
News Detail :
The finals started with the Lightweight Division which had Tamworth fighter Fiona O’Neil and Bondi Junction's Ai Ikeda facing each other. It was a complete contrast in styles with Fiona keen to stand toe-to-toe but Ai was having none of that, preferring a hard hit-and-move tactic. It was certainly a fantastic bout which saw Ai Ikeda winning the fight and the 2015 Championships and be the first Bondi Junction fighter to make the 2015 European Team.

The final of the Female Open Middleweight Championships had Albury fighter Aimee Morris taking on Bondi Junction fighter Lisa Hodder. This was a toe-to-toe battle with the two fighters almost never separated. With neither fighter able to score a clean technique and get a scoring win, it was put to the judges for a points decision and the flags went to Aimee. However with Aimee unable to participate in Sweden, being in 2nd Place was enough to get Lisa into the Australian team.

All the Bondi Junction supporters held their breath, when their last female fighter took to the mat in the Female Heavyweight Division final. Once again it was a Bondi Junction verses Tamworth fight between current World Champion, Ysobel Jarjoura and Tamworth’s Melisa Whitten. Without a doubt this bout was one of the highlights of the tournament with two very strong fighters refusing to give a millimetre. In the end the more experienced Ysobel finished very strong and again with no score technique being made by either fighter, once again it went to the judges for a points decision. No doubt the very strong finish by Ysobel was enough for the judges to give her the win who now is the current IKO-Matsushima World Champion and the 2015 Australian Champion and a 2015 European Australian Team member!

Then to fill 4th place the selectors went for Bondi Junction's 3rd placed Heavyweight fighter Sara Moses to gain a spot on the team, putting the Bondi Junction Kyokushin Karate School in the unique situation of having every place in the 2015 Australian Female Team.

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