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News Title : 50 person Kumite
News Date : 2018-03-10
News Summary : On Sat 10 Mar 2018, Sempai Lisa Hodder completed her jiyu kumite test. 50 consecutive bouts with with yudansha (black belts) opponents. It isn't a feat that many take on successfully, and Senpai was only the second female ever to complete the challenge.
News Detail : With the list of opponents including many international level fighters and Sensei Naomi Ali (a three-time world champion and the only other woman to ever complete a 100 Man) as her final fight, Senpai Lisa did not have it easy. But she faced the challenge head on, showing great skill, strength, and most of all, Kyokushin Spirit. Her tenacity and perseverance was an inspiration to us all.

Sensei Ali, Sempai Hodder & Sensai Lauretti
L-R Sensei Ali, Sempai Hodder and Sensei Lauretti

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